[Refurb] Dell Optiplex 9020 SFF, Intel Core i5 4570 3.20GHz, 8GB RAM, 120GB SSD $179.99 Delivered @ FuzeTechAu eBay

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The Optiplex 9020 is an affordable desktop, Great for your work and studies

• CPU – Intel Core i5 4570 3.20Ghz

• Ram – 8gb ddr3

• Hard Drive – 120gb SSD – High quality brand from Samsung, gigabyte, western digital, Kingston

• Graphics – Intel HD Graphics 4600

• Connectivity – Headphone Jack + Mic Jack, 4 x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0,2 x display port 1x vga

• Optical Drive – Yes

• Network – Ethernet

• Operating System – Windows 10 Pro


-Power cable-Vga Cable

Warranty – 3 months warranty

Good price for a decent machine


We offer 3 months warranty !

How would something like this go as a replacement PC for a geriatrics 10 year old laptop?

I have one…but the i7.

what model is your i7?
and how much paid for it?
can this play 4k h265 10 bit HDR movies or you need a low profile GPU to do this?

what model is your i7?

Dell Optiplex 9020 SFF i7-4770 QC 3.4Ghz 16GB Ram 128Gb SSD Win 10 Desktop PC

and how much paid for it?


can this play 4k h265 10 bit HDR movies or you need a low profile GPU to do this?

I haven’t tried, but I’ve installed a low profile 1650 in it.

@jv: how much you paid for 1650?

I want to know if the internal gpu is capable of smooth playback
would be good if you can test this.

a profile 1650 should be good enough for 4k smooth playback
but it will add on more cost.
1650 looks quite costly now
which makes this less of a deal.


If you add that card + this deal, you might as well just buy a techfast pc in the $500+ price range (which would have better new specs and longer warranty)

Also what is the cheapest low profile gpu that can playback 4k smoothly?

@pinkybrain: I’m not sure if the internal gpu can play 4k, but the 1030 is a good enough gpu to do 4k.


how much you paid for 1650?

MSI NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 4GT LP Video Card $239 (Sep 2020)

I want to know if the internal gpu is capable of smooth playback

I watch netflix and kayo on it and play back 1080p files fine. haven’t tried 4k. This was before adding the 1650. I added that so my kids can use it for gaming rather than fight over who gets to use the gaming PC.

@jv: Hey jv,

You should upgrade your Dell-9020-SFF to a Dell-9010-SFF. And go from the i7-4770 to the i7-3770. In terms of CPU performance, you’re not going to notice anything. In terms of GPU performance, you will. Your GTX-1650-LP will be able to slot on the proper Pcie x16 slot on the 9010-SFF. If you use the 9020, you can only use the Pcie x4 slot for the dGPU, which hurts bandwidth/stability/performance.


You should upgrade your Dell-9020-SFF to a Dell-9010-SFF

I already have a Dell 9010 i5
There are some issues with Windows 10 drivers

which hurts bandwidth/stability/performance.

only about 10%

can this play 4k h265 10 bit HDR

I doubt it, but can test a sample if you link.

The i5 4570 lacks h265 hardware support, but will do 1080p in software just fine. 4K h264 works well also, in my limited experience.

If you want smooth 4K h265, just get a cheap ARM device like ChromeTV or Mibox. Fanless, so silent too!

@manic: So you have the same 9020 as this deal?

yeah this might not a good cheap option to use as a media player if you factor in the cost of a low profile gpu e.g. 1030 (approx $300 total cost)

Most 4k videos are in h265.. and in 10bit with HDR etc..

Yeah i am also looking at a few arm based linux kodi machines which has better 4k playback than the intel option.

Not sure if the chromecast with google tv can even do 4k h265 10 bit hdr smoothly…
Would the new nvidia shield playback this type of video smoothly?

@pinkybrain: The 9020 is a great desktop machine, just upgrade the RAM.
But NOT a dedicated media player, given so many cheaper and better alternatives these days.

Would the new nvidia shield playback this type of video smoothly?

I believe it is over-qualified. I have AppleTV for Netflix etc, and Mibox for Kodi.

@pinkybrain: The 4K video clip you sent played fine in mplayer on Linux. No tearing or dropped frames.

But the bitrate was lowish at 1.2GB/hr – I don’t expect a raw blu-ray rip to work so well.

@manic: thanks
interesting that there was no issues..
might it have more issues with a marvel movie (more action and cgi etc) in 4k same format?

can you test on kodi?
that is what I would mainly be using.

yeah i won’t be playing raw bluray rip

I think the igpu hd4600 won’t be good enough anyway.. from what I read..

does the device playback 4k youtube smoothly?

BTW you have the same spec as this 9020 and just using the internal gpu or added upgrades?

@pinkybrain: The GPU does not do h265. So CPU is decoding the HVEC, and using Xvideo for lower-level rendering.

It looks smooth to me – aside from the hand-held cameras 🙂
But you are pushing it, and the cooling fans will speed up.

This is plain i5 9020, with a QHD monitor.

Youtube works in (my native) 1440P, but frequently pauses in 4K. That is VP9, not h265 I think?

I have an Inspiron i5-4460 8GB with an SSD and it runs like a rocket with productivity apps like Office and browsers

Any decent bluetooth adapters for these or can we install a different network card?

I currently use a Simplecom NB409 with my Optiplex. Very solid in win10, probably helped by being Bluetooth 5.0, and i don’t miss the USB port, I think these machines have 4xfront and 4 X rear USB ports.

what model is your optiplex?

can this play 4k h265 10 bit HDR movies or you need a low profile GPU to do this?

Thanks, I’ll have to try find it else where, $17 shipping from that site :/

Edit: found it on eBay and had a voucher for the exact price heh.

Honestly I just use a $3 no name bluetooth dongle, works fine for basic stuff like mice / controllers.

Yep. But just keep in mind, if you want it for an HTPC, those lose connection a couple of meters from the PC, so couch is too far.

what you mean?

those lose connection a couple of meters from the PC, so couch is too far.

I thought bluetooth have good connection if you are in the same room

@pinkybrain: Nope.

Cheap USB bluetooth adapters start to lag with game controllers from about 2+ metres away.

Just enough that most couches will be far away to cause noticeable issues in games occasionally, if the PC is by your TV.

The pricey ones are better, as are the ones built into game consoles and motherboards.

@ItsMeAgro: most cheapo ones are CSR sold on ebay
i also bought orico one

not sure if I see much of difference..

do you use it for game controllers or Bluetooth headphones?

if you buy keyboards and mice, they usually come with some adapter anyway.

@pinkybrain: Yeah mine’s an Orico.

With just 2 PS4 controllers connected, it starts to delay or drop some button presses from about 2.5 metres onwards.

A 1m USB extension cable was enough to fix it for now, as we’re only 3m from the PC, but I’m looking at getting an Asus dongle, or one of these PCI cards that do wifi 6 and bluetooth 5 using antennas.

If it’s at a desk you’re maybe 1m away from the dongle so most people won’t notice, but for lounge room gaming, it’s definitely a problem.

Is 8GB ram enough for the following all running simultaneously?
Google chrome with 10-15 tabs open
4K video playback (movie).

probably can do this…
Google chrome with 10-15 tabs open

not sure about 4k playback with the internal GPU.

I have the similar specs in my 10 year old pc.

i7 2nd gen
16gb ram
256gb ssd
*dedicated graphics

I can run all of these programs easily and even photoshop cc without too much stress. My new Dell xps 6 core i7 is definitely faster but not dramatically.

You should be fine for everything, 4k should be fine but depends on the file size and graphics card.

this is about whether the internal gpu is capable of 4k playback smoothly.

a decent low profile gpu should do 4k easily

The Intel® HD Graphics 4600 supports a 4K resolution, which is the following: 4096×2304 when using the HDMI port but at 24Hz.

Depending on what other ports it has. It might be able to do 60hz 4k via display port. See comment below.

@hypie: 4k playback is different to output 4k..

Even raspberry pi 4 supports 4k output, but struggles with 4k playback smoothly.

talking about playing 4k movies that is 4k h265 hevc 10bit hdr etc..

For 4K playback especially with a 4K monitor you really need an cheap Nvidia 1030 video card added. It also has HDMI 2 port

hmm if need to buy the 1030 this would make this deal less good for HTPC purpose
looking at approx $300 total cost.

so you saying the internal gpu is no good for smooth 4k playback?

No I am not saying that, mine doesn’t have a DisplayPort so I don’t have that option.

But I would imagine 4K would be taxing on the internal iGPU

Anyway you can give the DisplayPort a go and if you are not happy a 1030 will solve the problem.

I just got a EliteDesk 800 G1 Mini PC for $80. Fired it up and all the things above is playing without any issues. The CPU is only i5-4590T though, so I assume this deal would have done a similar job too if not better.

Literally paying for Windows 10 Pro and get the refurbished computer free.

Will this do 4K @ 60HZ?

Edit – Dell specs page shows the two DisplayPort ports are v 1.2, which indicates yes…

FYI given its integrated graphics worth checking the actual CPU
It concurs.

This seems to answer your question – provided the “future update” from 2015 actually happened.


So 4k30 on the old bios.
And should have 4k60 with bios update.

Bear in mind that is via the built in DisplayPort


For anyone wondering, looks like this was added in an Intel driver update for Windows only: https://www.dell.com/support/home/en-au/drivers/driversdetai…

Not sure where this leaves Linux, hopefully it’s been implemented 🙂

If I had a 4k monitor I would test for you but sadly my gaming setup uses 1440p 165hz 😅

@lyle88: Are you using the Dell as the base for a gaming setup? If so, how is it?

@boldwombat: I was previously with a low profile 1050ti and 16gb of ram.
It was a decent for eSports etc and some triple A titles at lower settings.
I use it as a media PC on my tv now with a 1030 (sold the 1050ti).
Mine has a 255watt 80+gold PSU and I had no issues with power, but it does get very warm with the 1050(or 1650 etc).
Don’t bother with the i7 model as the cpu will throttle and the stock cooler can’t handle it.
If you can be bothered, repasting under the IHS/delid will help because the CPUs are getting very old now.

If you have the space I would strongly recommend getting the mid-tower version instead. You can upgrade the PSU on those ones and use a full size GPU which will be both cheaper and have more options.

To be honest though, you can probably find a better value cheap gaming setup if you look for an older custom built PC (2nd hand), something with a 6th or 7th Gen CPU in an ATX case.

@lyle88: Thank you. Good points, I appreciate it.

Guys i need PC for youtube video editing, is it good for it? And can i upgrade parts like ram, ssd later or not? Thanks

Basic video editing yes. But I wouldn’t recommend it if you plan on doing this professionally.

Yes, but be wary, you’re paying premium for ram since it’s still ddr3. Nonetheless, with a decent gpu, it can get you started.

How does this 4th gen i5 processor compare to a 6th gen i3-6100 for $30 more?

I can get this Dell Optiplex 3040 for $211.00 delivered with code – PPSS1

It has a bigger 256GB SSD, hdmi, same 8GB RAM & Windows 10 Pro.


Seems the i3 is better on single core performance, but the 4570 wins on multi-threaded (likely due to being a quad-core rather than a dual core with hyper-threading).

The i3 will be more power efficient though, and is obviously newer.

The i5 will have virtually the same single-threaded speed, but much better multi-threaded performance:



However, the i3 will consume less power.

We have a few I3 Dells at work adn they are horrifically slow

What generation are they? I just need something for basic use & would prefer low power consumption.

I’d have to look (workin at home today), but the PC’s are only 2-3yrs old.

windows 10 office 2013 adobe kinda stuff.

Can someone help!
Can we add bigger ssd and graphic card later?
Is it easy to do?

SSD yes. GPU you’re really stuck with low profile cards (..unless you have a hacksaw)


or just don’t put on the case?

If these are the kind of ssf that I know, it doesn’t have power cables coming out of the psu. So you’ll rely on the power coming through the pcie slot, and only low profile gpu can run through the low voltage slots.

@Wonderfool: yes, I just opened up my case – there are 3 sata ports on the mobo – 2x blue and 1x white and only 2 cables coming out of the power supply – 1 is the full 4 lines one and one is only a weak one w 2 very thin lines going to the DVD. However, I dont think that would be that difficult to slipt the 4 lines cable to power 2 SSDs 🙂

@stefanko: Ive got one and added a 2 TB HDD (so now have 240 GB SSD boot + 2TB HDD + optical). All good and easy, need a Y-cable to power the 2 storage drives (oprical has a different type of power cable).

All super easy – took 2 minutes.

Jokes aside you’d only want low wattage cards anyway.

SDD, no worries.

For a GPU, you’re not going to fit anything bigger than a GT1030 in there for size and power reasons. The PSU is pretty anaemic.

I put a 1030 into my Optiplex 9010, because the integrated GPU couldn’t handle QHD resolutions at greater than 30Hz without display corruption. It’s working just fine.

Thanks bought some for my staff, been chasing these again.

How suitable is this for a Plex / Home Media server?

Is it very upgradeable?

you can upgrade most of the stuff
though size is the issue especially with gpu choice..you only can get low profile ones (which means very limited options and higher cost than the normal size gpu)

The PSU will struggle with any GPU that draws much more than about 40W (it’s only a 255W unit).

Upgrading the PSU will require a bespoke Dell-specific one (because the Dell PSU is an unusual size and and the 9020 motherboard uses a proprietary 8-pin connector instead of a standard 24-pin one).

Some 315W Dell-specific models that will fit have shown up on Amazon US from time to time. They would open some doors for GPU upgrades.

You could probably mount a standard PSU outside the case and use a 8-pin to 24-pin adapter… but why make such a Frankenstein PC when you could just get a more standard one to upgrade?

yeah probably not worth the upgrades
except for the ram (though it would be expensive and not worth it) or hdd/ssd

if you get a 1030 gpu, it cost about $300 total cost with this deal..
if doing that..might as well build or buy $400 to $500 pc with better specs and better upgradeability and has longer warranty than 3 months.

GPU isn’t really relevant for a plex server unless you’re doing transcoding that the CPU doesn’t support well I guess.

I use mine as a plex server with integrated graphics and find it has more than enough CPU power for transcoding 1080P. No idea what codec. I assume you’d only really have to care at 4k.

Does this have WiFi? Or do I need a dongle?

And are the dongles fast / efficient / cheap?

Thanks 🙂

It is an office PC, no wifi or bluetooth.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you need to spend an extra $5 for a USB dongle.

This is unacceptable!!! 😉

Cheers… Might grab one.

$20 extra for 500gb hard drive if need bigger hdd
Purchased one last week arrived quickly


$10 extra only at $189 for eBay Plus members with code PPSS1.

The experience with a 500GB HDD is substantially worse compared to an SSD. There is nothing wrong with these older gen systems only when paired with a SSD. My advice is put that $20 into a 500GB SSD purchase and you’ll be much better off.

Exactly, SSD makes this systems future proof for awhile.

future proof for awhile


annd gone

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