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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 4G Cloud Navy (128/6 GB) $716.40 Shipped @ Mobileciti

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 4G Cloud Navy (128/6 GB) $716.40 Shipped @ Mobileciti


Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 4G Cloud Navy (128/6 GB) $716.40 Shipped @ Mobileciti

Cloud Navy color only. Use coupon happy2021 for the discount.

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S21 release in 2 weeks

and the entire range will have worse specs than S20.

Honestly don’t know what Samsung is thinking. They’re destroying their S and Note lines….

Still waiting to upgrade from my Note 9

They are trying to concentrate on foldables

@DiLs: They’re transitioning too agressively to foldables. Most customers aren’t buying them yet and the tech in folding glass ain’t ready yet. Giving up so soon on their traditional product lines is a risky move.

@Hellcrusher2903: They will know this strategy failed by the end of the year, just like now they have realized curved edges is failed

@DiLs: Yes, now Z series is their flagship. You can imagine ‘z’ is the new ‘s’ just flipped

@DiLs: that’s just Dave2D’s theory

No mention on the specs of the s20 ultra? They’re probably doing the same thing that they did with the note 20 ultra last year, which is still shitty imo. They’ve watered down the smaller note 20 ultra so much, that no one should really be buying it

They want you to pay extra by buying the ultra model. They did the same thing with their tablets recently too, only put oled screen on their plus model.

And you won’t ever get a true upgrade to the note 9. All these newer models are basically removing many of the features that were on the older Samsung flagships. This is to lower costs so Samsung can have a bigger margin each unit. Samsung don’t want you to have all the sensors you got on that note 9, the sd card slot, iris sensor and headphone jack and so on because that adds manufacturing costs to them. I’m ok with them lowering costs provided they pass those savings on to the consumer. Be interesting to see how fast these newer Samsung flagships drop in value.

Better QC though, one would hope.

Not the FE version. and the specs are not much better than S20. Samsung is trying to shift their business to foldables

BTW MKBHD (probably the most famous Smartphones reviewer on YouTube) has rated S20 FE the best phone of 2020.

It doesn’t matter who he is but he clearly does not know of the issues or will not highlight it, or maybe his review unit probably didn’t have the touch screen issues have many people are having around the world (see reddit thread), I was also keen to get this phone but went with the normal S20 instead, don’t want to gamble as it seems a hardware issue.

Software updates have not fixed it obviously. Its so random around the world that it seems the QA on this model is shocking and its the luck of the draw. Even if I wouldn’t notice it in everyday use I couldn’t justify paying so much for a phone that I know has a faulty display, and one bad software update in the coming years is all it takes to make it unusable. But that’s just me, to each their own.

You were right to avoid the FE. I’ve had two units with the same issues, manufactured months apart from one another.

Reviewers like MKBHD likely get cherry picked units, which is pretty common (why wouldn’t a company collect the best units for reviewers to ensure the best result in reviews?), plus he probably didn’t use the phone long enough or thoroughly enough to encounter the issues even if he had bought his own unit for review.

I’m still searching for an alternative to replace the phone but at this point I might just wait till EOFY sales to make that purchase.

As you said, software updates could potentially make things worse. My unit didn’t have touch screen issues until an update created problems!

This is the inferior 4G version btw

But 4G = Exynos.

Get the 5G.

will officeworks price match

Officeworks won’t price match the after coupon price.

Should put 4g or 5g in title so people with exy allergies will know to skip

Stay away from Exynos. Better wait if you can for a few more weeks for S21 lines. S20 models will get more cheaper in the next few weeks. Just my 2 cents….

Touch issues fixed?

Nope and Mobileciti turned down when I raised touchscreen issues 🙁 Looks like I am stuck with this inferior phone now

Not at all. The one I have right now was manufactured in December and has the issues.

No issues here

I’ve been using one for over a month and haven’t experienced any touch issues. Granted I don’t game on it so not sure if that’s when it manifests itself more.

Definitely crops up in games more because you use multiple fingers close together. I also tap-type quickly (can’t quite wrap my head around swipes) and I do get a bunch of weirdness with “ghost touches” that type letters in between the two I actually typed.

My touchscreen issue was fixed with one of the updates. I’m quite happy with the phone now.

Bought my S20 FE 5G during boxing day and tested it using the “Touch Screen Test” as with many other people who posted on Youtube. I experienced the ghost touches during the test; but I don’t really game on my phone, haven’t personally noticed it in my daily usage.

Five. Hehehe

wasn’t the 5G version on sale for this price during black friday?

Even cheaper post Black Friday ($699) but only for Samsung customers. Price was around this during Black Friday sales if you counted cashback.

Gotta neg this, not because of the price but to warn people of the poor product Samsung has put out.

The touch screen issues are a killer. Some might not notice it but this isn’t some $50 burner. When you’re paying prices like this, all aspects of the device should work for all intended uses.

What is this issue?

The touch screen on many phones doesn’t work properly, in some cases resulting in “ghost touches” (the phone registering a finger pressing in the wrong place), as well as odd behaviour when using two fingers close together. It’s happened on two phones that I’ve used personally, manufactured months apart so it’s not an isolated “bad batch” as some would have you believe.

There are videos of the issue available on YouTube, such as this one which demonstrates it in a test environment and compares it to what a touch screen should do in this test.

There’s also this Reddit thread which has some info about it in the OP, as well as many testifying to having the same issue.

Don’t think you can neg if you don’t like the product.

Link for better price please?

Issue with the product is definitely one of the reasons given in the guidelines

ok thanks ..

still don’t understand why I can’t neg products with micro-USB .. still so many fanbois neg any negative comments about micro-USB. I stopped using micro-USB about 4 years ago.

Just putting this out there as a user of the S20 FE 5G and who has 2 mates with the same phone now. All had touchscreen issues at the start, two disappeared after an update, last one was replaced and now is also fine. Yes Samsung should have been better with QA/QC, but this is a damn good phone for the price!
Loving it!

I don’t notice the touch screen issues with the way I use the S20 FE, but I’ve done the touch screen test and noticed it when using both hands to swipe up and down the screen fast.

Check out the YouTube videos to see what I mean.

I think it would only effect gaming though.

Still not good enough but it’s a brilliant phone for the price other than this issue.

I picked up the 5G version for $699 from Samsung with the $300 off for Samsung owners.

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