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Seagate 10TB Expansion Desktop Hard Drive $244.02 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU

Seagate 10TB Expansion Desktop Hard Drive $244.02 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Seagate 10TB Expansion Desktop Hard Drive $244.02 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU

This seems to be the cheapest price for this drive $24.4/TB, it seems you will get a 7200 RPM Exos X16, Barracuda Pro, or Ironwolf Pro which are all good CMR drives.

Make sure to use a tool like HD Tune to check(takes 2 days) for bad sectors before shucking.

Also have the 6TB for $179.03 –

$29.84/TB, but the main concern is the drives could be SMR

SMR isnt too bad if the drive is just for mass storage, even unraid since its just JBOD. Not so good in RAID arrays tho.

Pro drives are pretty unlikely aren’t they?

actually it is very likely. I got a barracuda pro from a 10tb and an exos from a 16tb

I bought 6 of these recently and they were all Barracuda Pros.

Hrm… Wonder how likely the exos drives are🤔 I have 3 constellation drives current in a raid array, would be nice to pick up an exos as a spare…

I’ve been tossing up between this and the WD Elements – any thoughts on which is a better more reliable faster unit?

my honest 2 cents. bought 2 of the WD 10TB elements on the last Amazon special.
Both had reallocated sectors after 1 stress test.
Have lost faith again in WD.

It’s swings and roundabouts with HDDs. you get the good and the bad with both, but I’ve had better overall experience with Seagate in more recent times.

Neither. Both can fail on arrival, a day after warranty ends or in a decade’s time of 24/7 use.

Any info from others is anecdotal and doesn’t really matter as it’s not indicative of what your experience will be.

I’ve had a fair few Seagate Expansions in multiple sizes and have never had any fail or had any issues. These are also confirmed to be shuckable whereas some WDs have soldered on boards nowadays.

I think Exos drives have the edge as they are enterprise class drives but be warned they are quite loud especially if you got a bunch of them chattering away in a RAID configurations. WDs are a little quieter.

Any one know if this works on a PS4 or ps5 to store and play games?many thanks

I’ve currently got an older 8TB seagate on the PS5, works really well.

little advice, make sure you get an external with it’s own PSU. HDDs powered by the USB on the PS5 have been causing grief.

Thank you for your help and tip👍👍👍

8TB is the largest external single drive for both so no.

Thank you 😊

In theory, you could still partition the drive and turn it into a 2 + 8 TB partitions, so you should be able to use it on your ps5/4, and use the extra 2 TB for something else.

Keep in mind no PS5 games can run from external drives. You can play PS4 titles only from the external when using a PS5.

This looks pretty good.

So it doesn’t use SMR?

Is there a way to get AUS adapters included with Seagate?

Aus adaptor comes in the box

Unless something has changed recently 10tb and above for seagate and WD are CMR

The comments on Amazon says it does not come with au adapter. I’ll not take the risk.

My experience with buying two Seagate expansion drives is that it comes with multiple adapters including Australia. WD purchased from amazon US/UK do not come with AU adapters.

I had a read of the comments and the lack of AU adapters is for the 8TB model not 10TB.

OP, could I ask what do you mean by HD Tune taking 2 days? Video seemed to take just over 20 minutes?

The video was for a 128gb ssd.

That video was just showing a scan to check for bad sectors of a small SSD. What some people (especially at r/DataHoarder) suggest for large drives is a complete read-write of the drive which goes over every single block. This can take couple days.

There’s multiple different methods, software and settings to do this and each person swears theirs is best…

The example in that video is a 128 GB drive hence why it only took 20 minutes. checking through the whole 10TB in 2 days seems about right.

Thanks for all the information, very useful and very silly of me to miss that!

How come we don’t see deals on the $80-$90 2TB portable Seagate HDDs any more?

You can get 2TB Seagate Expansion Portable for $79 at Officeworks
It probably doesn’t get posted here since we’ve seen some great deals for the 4TB and 5TB portable drives

Yeah it’s hard to recommend an $80 2TB drive when 4TB are $100

im still waiting for 16tb @ 399

It sort of is that price if you stocked up on amazon zip GCs

I’ve purchased 5 of these over the last year.

1st was a Seagate Barracuda Pro 10tb
2nd was an Exos x16 10tb
Last three (purchased just prior to christmas) that arrived today were Ironwolf Pro 10tb

So yes, shuckable. And all various high quality enterprise drives.
No (profanity) with headers either – just works.

Power Adapter contains multiple country tips including australia.

hi, could you please share the experice of noise level on those HDD?Thank you.

Sorry Watanabe, I was waiting on 5 before I install them. Now I gotta wait until I can actually squeeze in some downtime 🙂

What’s the plan? NAS? I’m wondering why you didn’t go for the 16tb.

sometimes 2 x 10 tb is cheaper than single 16tb per tb, and 2*10tb at raid 0 is also faster (the 16tb is like $26/tb while this one is $24/tb)

not to mention risk of losing half the data 😛

@squidz: Unsure if that’s a joke, but Raid 0 you’ll lose all data if one of the two drives fail. You’re increasing the chance of failure by using 2x drives under that scenario.

@squidz: The failure of a single drive in RAID-0 (striping) will take out the entire array.
The risk of RAID-0 array failure is multiplied by the number of drives in the array.

A 2 x 10TB disk RAID-0 doubles the chances of 20TB of data loss

Friends don’t let friends use RAID-0 🙂

I’m switching my unraid setup from ….

3x 5 year old 4tb WD Red Nas drives
1x 4tb seagate momentum
1x 8tb WD external
1x 10tb Seagate Pro (the first of these)

All as flat unraid storage, no parity, with no splitting of folders. Data loss wasn’t really a concern due to the ease of rebuilding iso library via dockerized tools.

to 5x shucked seagate 10tb drives, 1 as parity. With splitting between all four drives for performance when under multi user load.

the UnBalance plugin is a real life saver, saving me so many manual rsyncs as I gradually migrate data off onto and add 10tbs.

Started gradually buying disks a year ago, 16tbs unfortunately weren’t at an ideal pricepoint.

Cool cool.

Just got my first NAS and loaded trueNAS so there’s still a lot to learn. I’ll have to look into what plugins are available.

Wow, this is cheap. I’ve got 2 running a mirrored 10GB NAS, easy to shuck, fairly quiet and so far (6 months) totally reliable. No reason not to recommend this, I paid ~$300 for each.

Would these be good for photographers and movie storage? Looking for something to store older photos which I will rarely edit.

Yes but make sure to have backups.

Got one, thanks OP. Needed internal storage as I’ve only got a 1TB gen4 Nvme running my OS. For those interested in getting one, ETA is Wednesday, Jan 27 – Tuesday, Feb 9 which isnt too bad if you’re not in a rush.

has price been bumped up or is OP price in USD?

I’m seeing $289.77 AUD currently

You need to change the seller

Aaah thanks for that!

I changed seller to AmazonUS (still on site) and saw the correct price listed in OP

$289.77 is from Amazon AU where as $244.02 is sold by Amazon US which is still in stock. Not sure why OP ‘expired’ this deal as it’s still valid.

Will JB HIFI price match?

Is this good for making a 4-drive raid10 NAS?

Showing as $289.77 for me?

View the ones from other sellers, Amazon US is the one listing it at $244.02

Rookie mistake on my part, thanks 🙂

Price is back up

Still shows as $244.02 for me. Have you seen the above comments regarding explicitly choosing the seller?

With the way flash memory is going I can’t see these mechanical beasts staying around for too much longer.

Yep, we’ll be able to jump on our hover board and go to our local shop to pick up an SSD with similar capacity and price.

Anyone know if this uses the same AC adaptor as the 16TB model?

I’ve bought one of each (10 and 16) in the past year and it’s the same adapter. I was even able to use it with my WD expansion drive.

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