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Sony Bravia KD85X8500G 85" 4K UHD Smart LED TV $2288 @ JB Hi-Fi

Sony Bravia KD85X8500G 85″ 4K UHD Smart LED TV $2288 @ JB Hi-Fi


Sony Bravia KD85X8500G 85″ 4K UHD Smart LED TV $2288 @ JB Hi-Fi

Sony Bravia X8500G 85″ 4k TV for $2288

I think that’s a pretty good price for an 85″ tv if it fits your room…

amazing price, even though 2019 model.

cant see any availability though

Good luck finding stock. A quick search of few Melbourne post codes indicates there is nothing around.

If you can find stock, this is a steal! Have had it for a year, great TV

Great deal, this TV is better than X8000H.
I checked some postcode, it unavailable on all options.

How do you buy it?

Money, typically cash or credit card.

Selling a kidney might also work 🙂

Money can be exchanged for goods and services.

So… 48 likes but did anyone actually manage to buy one?

I’m just here for internet likes.

Most of the time when these deals get posted for the previous years models, you’re looking at display models or returns for the most part. Don’t hold your breath for a new one.

And a TV is probably the last thing I’d buy a display version of. Would have been running on extra bright demo mode for a year or so, at least 8 hours a day – sometimes non-stop…

Unless you find an unpopular model that didn’t have much floor stance. Additionally get it sold as new so your get max warranty.
I have done that with a couple of TVs and touch wood so far so good.
The bonus point is that since the TV was stress tested then you know no random issues with it.
Needless to say this only makes sense if you get a good deal (in my case 50% off including extra warranty).

Yeah bang on. Sometimes they’ve been getting flogged for a year, other times they didn’t end up putting it on display, or it was a return from customer changing their mind or something. But yeah, it’s a gamble

This “deal” is a time waster. Unless stock can miraculously be identified it appears this is not available in sufficient quantity and hence not a deal. Might as well price it at $22.88 if they aren’t going to offer stock. Users will just waste time checking out different post codes and end up being frustrated.

FWIW it’s potentially a price matching opportunity for places that do have stock and don’t care or are lazy with checking availability.

Oops! We can’t find the page you’re looking for.

If only someone screenshot it before it was removed….

Nothing recent on Wayback Machine, but found the SKU

Wow….that’s a good price

Seriously who expects to be able to buy this in anythings other than a well used display TV? Even displays they wont usually put a 85inch in there.

Eh? I went to my local Jbhifi and saw at least 4 85″ TV on display…

do you think 85″ is too big?

No deal… can’t actually buy it 🙁 wish we could !

I have the 75″ X85 and I would absolutely not buy this model again.

Bloom is shockingly bad. I bought a TV with local dimming to avoid it, it’s still rubbish.

You bought the 75inch which is IPS. IPS are not good panels hence the blooming. This one in 85″ is different, with direct backlight, this is actually pretty good.

I have the 55inch and I absolutely love it!

I had this exact TV and it was garbage. The backlight/boom was awful. Big fight with HN to get them to return it. Happened eventually. Went to the 75″ with local dimming and it’s far better.

Your X85F has an IPS panel with shitty blacks, same with the smaller sizes. The 85″ X85 has a VA panel so no where as bad

VA is better than IPS now? Is this backwards land to monitors?

Indeed they are.
TVs are often watched in dark settings so any backlight bleed is very visible.

IPS struggles with this and tends to have a lower contrast ratio of 1000:1 which is not great for movies as any black areas appear blueish grey

VA panels are around 3000:1 to 6000:1 with local dimming (note that this tv is backlit but does not have full array local dimming)

I got rid of my x85 because it was awful for movies and replaced it with an x900h VA with full local dimming, and can tell you I will never recommend IPS to anyone after seeing the difference

Take a look at these side by side comparisons
comparison 1
comparison 2
comparison 3

Which TV did you buy with local dimming?

Sorry that’s ambiguously worded, the X85 is what I was referring to!

The 75″ X85G doesn’t have local dimming so I was confused as to which model you were referring to. You’ve left off the letter at the end which signifies which year’s model it is.

@dazweeja: Damn, you’re right. Maybe I was confused!

In any case it’s still crap haha

@picklewizard: Yeah, I think you got a bit unlucky there. Sony generally makes decent sets but the 75″ model looks to be a bit of a dud!

@dazweeja: It was a unit produced down to a price to match the likes of Samsung Q6. You got a cheap-ish 75inch and the consequence was lower quality.

Different TV, the 85” uses a backlit VA panel not IPS.
It’s actually a good panel, with excellent upscaling with 4 HDMI inputs all supporting enhanced. Android TV receiving decent updates. Apps for Apple TV, Prime, Disney, Foxtel with dedicated Netflix button and voice control.

No variable refresh rate
No HDM 2.1
Some reports of intermittent screen pauses (1sec) using the inbuilt Netflix app. Reports this can be related to HDMI cables being used for earc not up to spec, despite no audio lag.

I have the 85” version and still get blooming beyond what I expected with the 64 or so light zones.

The 85″ is backlit but does NOT have local dimming, eg: so you will see blooming into the back bars making them not completely dark in widescreen mode, better than Plasma, better than an edge lit with local dimming, but certainly not OLED.

Not saying this is you, but had a friend complain about the blooming in “Netflix”, play button, only to find out it was by design.
And no I don’t mean blooming around the White Netflix Text, which is like very bad with the H series, but the older G series 85″ model should not be that bad.

@SpamMeNotInOz: Better than plasma meaning better than my VT60 Panasonic? I have no such issues with it AFAICT

Same, but with this model.

75″ is a bad buy.
85″ is entirely different (as described above).

Links broken

I have one and it has a really annoying video stream freeze issue, corrects after about 3 seconds but it’s so annoying, am going to put in warranty claim. Anyone else had this issue with this TV?

Youll need to be more specific – streaming through what? what app?

Usually on every streaming service, it’s not buffering due to internet. The video will freeze, audio will continue and then video will catch up.

This is streaming through the native inbuilt android apps?

@TightTerry: Yep happens with YouTube Netflix, Stan, Plex

@eggaz: Sounds like it may be something relating to motion smoothing or possibly the TV reverting to whatever fps the video should be played out – id have a look into the video settings so see what the video playback options are set to and have a play with those first. Im not super familiar with the inbuilt android apps as i use an apple tv through my Sony and dont touch any of the inbuilt stuff

@eggaz: Same here. I’d describe it as very occasional stuttering. Can’t remember the pattern on when/why.
It’s very minimal, but I honestly expected better for a $3500 TV, the big-brother of the range. Doesn’t happen on mibox, shield, or PC I plug in.

I figure it’s a PITA trying to return this beast & argue about it. I accept it’s the cheapest 85″ I could get, and truly amazing at everything else.

Disclaimer: I don’t follow the hype & hate of TVs. This was my 1st TV purchase in ~11 years.

Will they fix the issue with streaming apps? Not sure if it’s covered under warranty. If they do, please also let me know. I have a different tv but manufacturer said since it’s an app, it’s not covered under warranty.

This is odd. I found it to be better than my 2015 Shield for streaming. Particularly for local content. 0 issues with online content.

Yeah although it doesn’t do it for me anymore
Factory reset and no more issue

Tried that but didn’t stop.

Are you talking about when you have motion smoothing enabled and the image stutters only to speed back up to the correct pseudo-refresh rate? I do experience this from time to time. Not often enough to be annoying however but noticeable on the 65″ model.

You could be on the money here if he was exaggerating the pause time. Pause related to smoothing should only be 1sec and will be noticeable in movies as they are generally 24fps and doesn’t scale nicely to 60fps but 3 seconds, seems strange.

It’s an actual image freeze, not so much a stutter. It happens without fail evey time we watch the TV usually a few times per episode of TV show. It’s really annoying, thought they might old is it with a software update but nothing yet.

I have heard reports of this before, mainly people using return audio. A common fix Was to replace the hdmi cable being used for return audio with one that specifically lists earc support or if you don’t use return audio a factory reset would be the way to go.

If you google the tv name and model, you’ll see the jb hi-fi link showing the 2283$ price. You can try screenshotting that. If you click the link it says error.

I would take two at that price !

I tried to but one of these last year (JB had a display one for $2800) and they were pretty much OOS everywhere, was talking with a sales rep at Harvey Norman and apparently there was some kind of warehouse fire for Sony and so a stack of them got destroyed … so low stock in AU before massive sale price.

Bought one for my toilet

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