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Xbox Series S + Game Pass Ultimate - $33 Per Month for 24 Months (Min Cost $792) @ Telstra

Xbox Series S + Game Pass Ultimate – $33 Per Month for 24 Months (Min Cost $792) @ Telstra


Xbox Series S + Game Pass Ultimate – $33 Per Month for 24 Months (Min Cost $792) @ Telstra




$33/mth. with no upfront cost, when you stay connected for 24 months^



telstra link

Total cost over 24 months is $792
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is $15.95
24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at that price is $382.80
If you subtract $792 – $382.80
Final price is $409.20


Please delete this rubbish.


hahahaha what.. on this logic, should I subtract the cost of my tyres, engine and doors next time I purchase a car?

I always ask “how much if I don’t want the roof?”

Ha ha

Convertibles normally cost more. It makes no sense.

do i look like a gymnast to you

pls delete

Just to clarify OP, I think you have to pay for first month GamePass Ultimate before cancelling so add $15.95 to your final figure…

Nah you dont, got the xbox series X through telstra when no one else had stock, got the sim card, paid for 1 month, signed up to a bunch of uber eats, door dash and menu log first time customer discounts (made a profit of $50 on the cost of the sim card lol) and then cancelled after 29 days. All telstra did was send me a bill for $749 for the xbox… delivered to my door. Was actually a simple process and didn’t have to keep a constant eye on ozbargin for stock notifications. Would recommend this to anyone who can’t find stock (but check the post from earlier today for the Microsoft store having stock)

Nope, the device will pick up that the GP is assigned (to that device) and will add it on right away
I didnt have GP when i got my console and it right away on start up 🙂

Disagree there are still ways to convert 3 years worth of gold to XBL gamepass ultimate for $1.

Depending on where you buy the gold cards this is generally around $50/yr for XBL gamepass ultimate. Making this Xbox series s cost over $600.

Two word that do not belong together: Telstra and subscription. Sorry this is not a bargain.

Got the Series X for $46 a month , same price as i would buying out right, I think bot are a good deal from Telstra

With Game Pass Ultimate included over 2 years? You’ll be ~$200 worse off but understandable if you didn’t have the cash upfront.

Yeah the deal is GP Ultimate + the console for $46/mo.

Sure you can get cheaper prices by going around and changing regions and all of that bullshit but just paying a fixed fee for the box and the subscription makes sense for me.

The bonus 30k Telstra pts combined with what I pay monthly for my phone plan and some other crap == around 70-80k pts from the contract’s life, and that’s enough for an Elite controller from their store eventually.

If I was still in school or even uni, I would’ve loved these models. A wow subscription will get me a console + online support + dozens of actually fun titles? Why would I even bother staying up till 3am to do wow raids?

These days, it makes less sense for me cause I spend more time talking about games online than actually sit down and play, so I’ll sometimes cancel the subscription when I purchase a new title.

@Wonderfool: Hell yeah, definitely. I’ve been playing a lot of MCC/Gears5 on the Series and FlightSim20 to chill out on the PC. For like $16? Stupid deal.

30k Telstra points gets you a free controller too.

Series X is $749
24 months of game pass ultimate is $382.80.

Brings it to $1,131.8 to purchase separately, and $1,104 via Telstra.

Even if you get the 3 months gamepass for $1, you’re still looking at $1084.95 for separate purchase.

I figure the catch with these things is you’re committed to Game Pass regardless for 2 years – which is fine if you’re going to use it anyway, but a otherwise a waste.

What’s the trick to get it cheaper?

Back when this worked –

@maybe a bot: Still works, just around $150 now…

There is no commitment after the 1st month if you chose to cancel.

Isn’t the series S essentially an Xbox One? Isn’t it weak hardware?


Faster CPU and GPU, it has a fast SSD also, but a lower amount of RAM than the XBox One X and it has no disc slot. The lower RAM means backward compatibility of XBox One games do not take advantage of the XBox One X enhancements.

I am not so keen on the Series S vs X simply due to the size of the SSD. It isn’t particularly large on the S and to upgrade costs a small fortune, better off with the X when using Game Pass.

In all honesty there’s not many Series-enabled games yet – I filled up a 1TB USB3 drive with games off Game Pass faster than I got close to hitting 500GB used on the internal SSD, even with installing XB1/360 games to the internal drive.

If you’re not one to have a huge game library or you install-play-uninstall, the SeriesS’ drive is perfect.

Keep in mind, after market drives through usb3 works for anything that isn’t built for the series specifically. This means that if you don’t mind the long load time, almost all of the current games in the game pass can be played with any external drive you have lying around.

Agree, its not actually amazing value or anything but it still represents a discount for a product that is hard to get at retail. If game pass is something you would use, these deals are pretty good.

Theorising here and not at all fact checked, however, I think standard warranty is 12 months on the new xbox. Theoretically I think you’d get 2 years with this under a similar logic with what happens with phones under contract for x time.

I like the logic, thought of it the same way.

there’s also 18k points you can put towards a controller, i’m on the XB SX version of this and got a free controller with the points i got so thats a good $80 worth of value there … and ultimate is fantastic value if you ask me, i also added what i had converted (Game pass) to this for another 8 months … (maximum you can do is 12 i believe or wait until you are just on 12 months left before converting) … for others who have 3 years worth of converted game pass thats a different story i understand it’s not a great deal.

Bargain if only it is X

Having a phone with telstra is one thing, but an Xbox on a subscription service? I feel sorry for anyone that has any kind of issue that requires even a sliver of customer service. Just don’t do it, not worth the hassle. Deal itself isn’t bad, but not amazing

I don’t think it’s a great deal because you need to be a Telstra customer first. Also there’s other way to get cheaper XGPU instead of paying full amount.

I don’t see the point in doing this vs just Either way, both deals are $792, I think the OP’s maths is on the right track, but

The console costs $499 retail, this is $792, so, $792-$499 = $293. $293 / 24 = $12.21 for Game Pass Ultimate

Game Pass Ultimate is normally $15.95 is $382.80. So $382.80 – $293 = $89.80 saved ($499 – $89.80 = $409.20).

So I think there’s some missed working out above? That’s all?

However, I would opt for the Series X not the S anyway. is just selling the Telstra deal

I did it with series x back in October with bonus 30k telstra points, end up getting 2x, worth about $200, bought jbl sound bar with my points… I love telstra..

I have x and gp … s is just not a good one

When I go to the deal link, the cashrewards notifier says there is $50 Cashback available. Does that really apply to an Xbox contract or only phone?

I have my S connected to a 24 inch 1080p monitor next to my PC.

It turns on from sleep faster than Steam would on my PC.

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