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Xiaomi Mi 34" VA 4ms 144hz 2K WQHD FreeSync Curved Gaming Monitor $499 + Shipping @ PC Byte

Xiaomi Mi 34″ VA 4ms 144hz 2K WQHD FreeSync Curved Gaming Monitor $499 + Shipping @ PC Byte


Xiaomi Mi 34″ VA 4ms 144hz 2K WQHD FreeSync Curved Gaming Monitor $499 + Shipping @ PC Byte

Cost me $513.99 total which seems like the cheapest i can find, includes shipping to SA $9.90 and $5.09 for paypal surcharge.

Been wanting to get one of these for a while and looking at prices lately as i missed out on buying during the blackfriday/Christmas sales. This was $549 for a while but has again dropped to $499 for their back to school sales, says limited stock as well so not sure how many units there are.

This has been posted many times before but specs are:
The Xiaomi Mi Curved Gaming Monitor 34” keeps you centered on the action through its wide-field view, 1500R Curvature Display, taking you deep into the experience with the finest 3440 x 1440 Resolution with 144Hz High Refresh Rate.
21:9 UltraWide Screen
121% sRGB
Adjustable Viewing Position
Low Blue Light,No Visible Flicker
FreeSync Premium, Variable Refresh Rate Technology
Compatible With Vesa Mount
AU Version in English! Local Warranty!

Have had this for two months now, absolutely love it.

Worth noting for gsync users. Will need to set it to Fullscreen gsync only and no more than 120hz. Sometimes the gsync will break if you alt+tab out of your games just an fyi, but you can fix it up in game by setting it to fullscreen again.

Does this GIF cause your screen to flicker?…

Yes on the Xiaomi but no on my second 1080p 144hz monitor.

This seems to be happening to VA panels using VRR (Gsync/Freesync). It doesn’t happen if you have high fps or turn those features off…
This is from my research so I may be wrong

I’m aware of the Gsync/Freesync flickering some are experiencing in-game, but my monitor doesn’t have that issue.

This is happening on the desktop when Gsync/Freesync is not active and occurs regardless of what the refresh rate is set to.

@HomeAlone: Thank you. That is good to know.

Interesting uhhhhh gif you got there?

It’s from the Steam store page for a game called People Playground.

I’ve noticed this flicker at random times and this GIF is the only way I’m able to reproduce the issue 100% of the time.

I have this screen and fullscreen gsync (over DP) works at 144Hz no problem. Am I missing something?

Interesting, most i know get tearing on this with gsync enabled above 120hz. What are your settings?

The usual settings for monitors:

Connection over DP with native resolution
10bit RGB
But I limit my frame rate to 141fps so it doesn’t go over the 144Hz of the monitor. This way it always stay within the range of effective Gsync.

I think this is the key difference.

@Davesday: I am using fine with 144hz gsync no limiting, haven’t had any issues, No flickering etc

Running with an rtx 3080

@wozz: Yeah I have the same GPU and had no issues with 144Hz Gsync. Unless they were talking about HDMI connection? I know HDMI is limited to 120Hz.

Do you experience any ghosting/smearing while gaming? Always see these comments about VA panels but unfortunately not seeing good (not too expensive) deals on an ultrawide curved IPS.

Dark level smearing is an issue as with most VA panels. It’s noticeable to me, but I’m used to it now. For me the ultrawide aspect ratio convinced me to keep it. So handy for work and productivity.

Also the blacks are kind of mind blowing having only used IPS panels before. I keep thinking there’s something wrong with my eyes when I open up steam.

The blacks and reduced backlight bleed almost make it better than IPS for me, except in cinematic shooters with dark scenes.

I had some noticeable smearing at 144hz but dropping it down it to 120hz removed a majority of it for me.

I got mine about two months ago, was loving it as well and then today it has randomly stopped working altogether. The screen only displays as black and I cant even adjust any of the settings. Upon further investigation lots of people are having the same issue.

My gf has no issues with this monitor running adaptive sync with her nvidia gpu @ 144hz.

From what I’ve seen on a hardware unboxed review the optimal setting is 100hz given the lower tier screen inherently with issues such as ghosting and overcorrection.

I don’t know why, but I keep not buying one of these.
I want a Ultrawide 1440p, 144hz monitor that’s Gsync compatible, but still wait…
Will some monitors go down in price due to the new ones from CES, do you think?
Should I keep waiting…procrastination is my jam it appears…

playing the waiting game is never a good idea. if you want it and think its a good price now then buy it. i dont think it will be a sub $400 monitor in the next year unless someones starting a new business and wants attention

if you’re willing to wait, wait. this is a good monitor – especially for the price – but this market will surely heat up over the next couple years. the panel on this display isn’t fairly mediocre and response times are poor. you get what you pay for but better products will come to this price bracket if you’re willing to wait.

I’d reckon the market has already heated up and this is an excellent price point.

I got the Kogan 34″ about 12 months ago which was $650 for near identical specs, and was the lowest priced at the time.

$500 for this is a brilliant price; but my wife would meet me with much disapproval if I bought another ultrawide!

Good screen but I’m waiting for the just announced 42″ LG OLED, should hopefully arrive in Australia later this year.

If you wait long enough they will be on the clearance table…

Kmart already had their clearance table, you wait long enough you straight up miss out.

Got to hate stores that charge a Paypal surcharge

Isn’t that against PayPal tcs

They can charge it as long as it isn’t over what fees would be

ACCC says it is against Australian Law for terms and conditions to ban surcharges.

Have a look at the last deal for this monitor from these guys:

They say the monitor is “In Stock” but it’s not actually. They drop ship it from someone else and have no idea when that someone else will ship and don’t make that clear. Contact is spotty and not particularly helpful

You may get it quickly, you may not, but these guys won’t be able to help you.

Good price but dodgy practices imo.

And the monitor is gorgeous btw

I think dropshipping is quite common in Australia. The main point is whether it is done transparently to the end-user. These days a lot of the products are warehoused by the distributor and all the reseller does is just transact (with fulfillment done by the 3PL).

Are there any good deals for a 24″ 144hz IPS monitor?

Not on sale at the moment, but has been a couple of times recently:…

Just thought I’d mention as it’s worth keeping an eye out for – got one for $199 and it’s a fantastic monitor for the money.

Worth noting that I got a single dead pixel near center of screen on the first one, took back to Harvey’s I bought it from for replacement as Acer provided 7 days 0-pixel guarantee (there was a note about it in the box). Had them check the replacement before I took it home, just as well as that one had several stuck pixels. Figured we’d try one more, fortunately the 3rd one was perfect.

How did you know i spent all of yesterday researching this panel!? Now just hoping my previous panel gets a refund

Not at Kmart anymore for $450?

I was told it was a special batch that has since sold out. The $450 was the clearance price for the remaining inventory.

There wasn’t a store within 500km of me with stock, so it was a false bargain as far as I’m concerned. 10% more for available stock is better

There was stock within 2km of me

It’s a Cyber Monday sale. Check the date. Of course it’s sold out in most stores.

These good for XSX?

Don’t think any xboxes support ultrawide sadly. It’d be pillarboxed or stretched

There was this November report in Gizmochina (…) that Xiaomi is switching from Samsung 34 inch panels to CSOT (TCL) panels. The CSOT panels look inferior (significantly worse viewing angles and colour gamut) as far as I can tell from Googling.

when can we expect to be sold this inferior stock, cuz we better buy the samsungs while we can.

Great product got one last time and works very well.

Is this DCI-P gamut?

i have a 1440p 144hz kogan 27inch 16:9 atm and i believe it is an old samsung panel… is this panel nicer?

Does anyone know what the height in mm of this monitor is? I am assuming this will be shorter than my 32″ 16:9 monitor, since it is ultrawide, is that correct?

Would this work well with a new mac mini?


Got this monitor for my kids, just be wary its massive (well at least box is). Was an impulse buy, should have checked it out somewhere in store , so suggest you measure up your desk if you intend to buy it. Now trying to sell it off …

I’d buy a bigger desk and keep the awesome screen!

Haha new desk wouldn’t fit in the room unfortunately. I haven’t even opened it but tempted to just “try” to make it work somewhere…

The box is definitely significantly larger than the monitor as its packed with a lot of styrofoam ….

Like Gunther said, the box is quite a bit larger than the screen. Also the stand is much smaller than the screen and should fit on any desk.

How is diagonal size of a monitor calculated with curved monitors? is the 34″ measurement a straight line or an arc?

I need an ips panel cause I move alot in my room and easier to play with friends, but this is 400 dollars cheaper than an ips equivalent, soo…

I’ve been unlucky.

1st monitor – black screen of death sent back for RMA
2nd monitor – one dead pixel a few months of being sent a new one

Did you manage to get a replacement after the 2nd one? I had the first one and within days grew a few dead pixels. Fortunately the 2nd panel was good.

Got at kmart, been going great. I think I noticed some screen flickering, so I read up on it and bought a better DP cable. (…)
Haven’t really tested it or had it for long enough to know for sure, but I think it has helped.

Loving it so far, got it for $450 i think from their official ebay store during xmas/NY sales, even got a proper invoice for it after contacting their support.
90% for work relate apps, which is awesome for it.

I don’t notice any ghosting, tearing when playing games (any where so far)
Only FPS I played recently is fornite.
I limit the game to 120hz, to balance the render quality vs frame rate, using a 1080GTX, over DisplayPort.
*But I do notice a little ghosting in the UFO test, like 2-3 pixels off.

Colour wise (compared to 27″ Dell Ultra sharp , 2nd monitor, both using sRGB profile)
Its more saturated, blacks are a lot deeper, a little bit brighter whites.

Size wise, I was actually expecting a bit more wider, compared to the Dell.

Only negatives so far:
It has a black border around the screen, so even thou it is thin bezel style, it doesn’t make use of the whole real-estate.
Position of the settings buttons, could have easily positioned it on the front lower bezel.

yep $450 shipped was an absolutely amazing eBay Plus deal, it was even available for 4 hours during the day. so you didn’t need a mad rush.


I also experienced some of the infamous flickering when I was playing CSGO but it fixed when I turned off ‘Enable settings for the selected display model’ in Nvidia Control Panel G-SYNC settings. turned off G-Sync just FYI.


Haha, make sure that freesync premium is turned on in your monitors settings (using the buttons) and then try enabling it again. It works very well for me in csgo.

The only time I get flicker is when an app on my computer opens that my GPU goes yeah this is G-Sync compatible. You can negate that by not enabling G-Sync in windowed mode. Then just make sure you run the game in full screen.

As a nongamer, who would purely use for uni + watching media (all being driven by a MBP 13″ 2017), would this be worth it over the 27″ 4K Dell on sale for $320?

I actually really like the ultrawide aspect ratio for productivity and work. It easily fits two windows side by side or if you need the extra length in excel or a video editor you’ve got it. In terms of media consumption, I don’t really know the ratio of ultrawide videos to regular 16:9 videos. I know a lot of YouTube is 16:9, and there are a fair few movies that are ultrawide. What this does have over the Dell 4k is contrast ratio. The darks are very dark which is nice as. I’d probably have to recommend the 4k Dell one at the $300 price point because it really is a great deal at that price if you’re using it purely for media consumption. My friend opted for it when it was just under $300 and it is nice!

Thanks for your reply mate, might stick with the Dell one at that price then, will have my MBP if I do need some extra real estate 🙂

I will say don’t buy from PCByte unless you are ready to chase them endlessly without getting your order sorted. I ordered this on 28th Dec, still no sign of delivery, chased couple of times … very poor response… If one can secure from some other source, go for it rather than PCByte…

Is this worth the extra, compare to the 27″ 4K Dell?
I will use either of them for my PS4 Pro, and possibly upgrade to PS5 next year.

Dry food budget monitor 🙂 It is now connected to my Mac mini with a cheap Kmart Gaming key board. For some reason I am unable to reduce the brightness. Key board shortcuts, Mac display settings, google nothing has helped. I am sure that I am missing something. Can someone kindly advise what should I be doing?

you tried the physical buttons, they are positioned behind the bottom right of the monitor.
A column of 5 buttons.

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